Pressed Juicery One-Day Cleanse๐ŸŒฑ

Juice cleanses seem to be all the craze with celebrities and influencers swearing by drinking only juice for a certain amount of time in order to improve their overall health. Many individuals swear that juice cleanses help to detoxify the body and promote overall well being…but how healthy and effective is a juice cleanse? I committed for 1-day to see for myself how it feels and report my main takeaways after my mini juice cleanse!

What is a juice cleanse?

For those that are not familiar, a juice cleanse is a type of detox type diet that is meant to detoxify the body and help improve both mental and physical health. People can commit to cleanses ranging from one day to a couple of weeks! A person on this cleanse only consumes vegetable and fruit juices as opposed to meals or whole foods.

Where can I buy these juices? What is the price?

There are many places where you can buy these cleanses and people even make their own juice creations! I chose to buy a kit because I wanted to see the components of each juice and ensure I was consuming enough calorically and wanted the full experience (and loved the cute bottles I’ll admit).

I searched online for different cleanses and there were options to buy online, at large stores like Walmart, but I chose to buy mine from Pressed Juicery because they were having a sale (originally it costs $34.50).

Which Pressed Cleanse I bought:

There is an option of buying Cleanse 1 (for beginners), Cleanse 2 (the most popular), or Cleanse 3 (for the experienced).

I bought number three because it is the “most intense & lowest calorie cleanse – you get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time” which was what I wanted anyway because I was only committing to one day.

Pressed 2

What’s In Pressed Cleanse #3:

1. Greens 1
2. Citrus 1
3. Greens 2
4. Greens 1
5. Greens
6. Vanilla Almond


Schedule for drinking throughout the day:

1. Greens 1

Start your day with our lowest sugar green juice to nourish & energize your body.

2. Citrus 1

Hydrate & detox with this juice with cucumber, aloe & coconut water.

3. Greens 2

Your mid-day juice is a delicious balance of leafy greens & apple.

4. Greens 1

Add another clean green to your system for the maximum amount of vitamins & minerals.

5. Greens 3

Get a dose of ginger along with your greens to help with digestion.

6. Vanilla Almond

Finish strong & satisfied with this creamy blend filled with healthy fats & protein.

Pressed 3.jpg

My feelings throughout the experience:

Because it was only a one-day commitment, the cleanse was not a bad experience at all. There were many green juices in this cleanse and because I love fruit (if you didn’t know ;)) and veggies are a big part of my diet, I actually enjoyed the juices. It was difficult at times though because I love to snack throughout the day, but the 6 juices made the experience bearable because there was enough to make me feel full especially because I drank a lot of water.

Final take away:

The cleanse was a good experience and would be good for anyone who wants to kickstart a healthier diet and lifestyle. Personally, I believe that eating well-balanced meals with an abundance of vegetables, whole grains, and proteins is the best and most sustainable form of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, so I would only try a cleanse for a day. It was a fun experience but was a bit pricey as well.

All in all the one-day cleanse was very doable but I would only do it for one day in order to keep my body healthy and well balanced because I am a lover of food. In the future, I would also make my own juices, but this cleanse was a good experience and would be beneficial for anyone who wants to use this detox to kickstart and inspire them to pursue a healthier diet though it is not necessary in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!

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