How to Combat Cabin Fever (COVID-19 Edition) 🏑

My mindset during this crisis:

(feel free to skip to the fun below)

Since I have been sitting at home for three weeks I have had time to focus my time on what I loved to do before I had to adult and focus mostly on my “responsible” duties like school and work. Though it is a scary time for our nation, I’ve been trying to focus on my blessings and this downtime has given me time to connect with my roots again and connect to that small-town girl part of me; the one who will always love the simple things like watching the sun peak through the trees in my front yard, listening to country music while driving on wide-open roads (can’t really go for a drive in LA…thanks traffic), and spending time with the people who love me for the goofy girl that I’ll always be no matter how old I get.

But enough about me and my rant about loving this simple life of mine again (which I am obsessed with), let’s talk about how to combat cabin fever and learn to love being home! This whole crisis has been a unique experience, but instead of thinking that I’m “trapped inside” I thought:

“When else am I going to have this time to myself, have time to learn new things, and have the time to reflect on how important health and life truly is” and if anything…this mindset has made me thankful for this time and has given me a sense of peace which has cut through the fear that we are surrounded by every day.

So instead of focusing solely on the news, the statistic, and the fear, let’s talk about something fun; let’s talk about new hobbies and passions, good (& healthy) food, and creating beautiful new memories. With that being said, let’s dive into a few topics about what I’ve been doing during this time which ~hopefully~ inspires others to try something new as well!

“Beyond the fear is growth. Beyond the temporary comforts is the true comfort of knowing you are living life from your truth and not your fears”.


Things to do while we’re all staying inside:

Cooking/baking new healthy recipes:

This is probably one of my favorite things to do when I have free time. I have such a passion for food (which is pretty obvious if you know me) as well as wellness, so whenever I can try to combine the two I am a happy gal. I will post some of my favorite recipes that I have created during the “stay-at-home” period and they are made from ingredients most have in their pantry! From savory dinner meals to gluten-free oatmeal and carrot muffins (with no oil/butter/flour but trust me…even my dad likes them so that’s saying something), I love creating new food and feeding the ones I love healthy food which is not only delicious but also good for their overall well-being! Two birds one stone.

Cake 1
Made my Mama a birthday cake!


There are so many amazing free resources on YouTube! I love watching yoga videos and dance videos. It is so fun to do them yourself but it is even more fun to do them alongside family or roommates so you can laugh and move together.


Music is so powerful, evokes so much emotion, and I love being able to create it. I used to play piano and guitar and though not everyone has those instruments laying around, if you do, maybe pick it up and learn a new song! And if you don’t there are so many great videos online that can help you decide if you want to learn a new instrument.


This has been my second favorite thing to do since I have been home. I never considered myself artistic at all growing up. Art class was a mess and I honestly knew I was pretty terrible…but as I have gotten older I loved watching Bob Ross. Who doesn’t love Bob?! It is so relaxing and I took what I learned from those videos to make my own paintings and it is so therapeutic to create art, be present, and only focus on the canvas in front of you. I think painting has given me a deeper appreciation of nature and I view it so differently now…I notice shadows, lighting, the color of leaves which change when the sun hits them just right. Even if your first painting is the ugliest thing ever it is so fun to try out and might give you a different perspective on the world and of nature. Who doesn’t want that?

Painting 1
This was the first painting I attempted
Painting 3
This was painting number three actually, and it’s a special painting for me.
Picture 2
This was painting number two, I love me some mountains!


This one sounds so simple but reading is so incredible. It has the power to transport you to new worlds, had the power to alter your perspective, and can even inspire you to improve your own life. There is nothing like reading a good book! Non-fiction or fiction, it’s great to find something you enjoy and to stick with it. Instead of watching Netflix all day its good to use your own creativity and imagination to learn something new! And if you aren’t a huge reader (I wasn’t) then maybe listen to a podcast! Learn something new and maybe listen to interviews from people that inspire you.


Ah, there is nothing like an old fashioned board game night. There is something so fun about using cards or playing poker or even playing Monopoly. I am fortunate to have a pool table as well and that has been so fun as well! Whatever game or puzzle you have its great to take the time to try a new fun game. It’s simple but has stood the test of time.

I hope some of these suggestions have been helpful and if you haven’t tried one or all of them (or they just aren’t what you enjoy doing), I would love to hear what you are all doing with your free time! I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy during these times. Take the time to call the ones you love and to spread love because life is short. ✨


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