Stagecoach Festival Tips + Outfits 🐴🌾


Do you love country music, BBQ, or taking fun photos and having fun with your friends? If any of these things apply, then Stagecoach Music Festival is for you! Think of this outdoor festival as Coachella gone country (but don’t worry even my friends who hate country had a blast). Here I talk about my experience with the trip, what to expect, tips, and of course what outfits I chose to rock for three days! Yee-haw πŸ˜‰.


What to Expect

Expect three days of sunshine, country music, good food, and an amazing time.


There are three stages with all different artists who are playing the Mane Stage, SIRIUSXM’S SPOTLIGHT STAGE, and the Palamino Stage. The largest headliners play on the Mane Stage which is no surprise.


There are many attractions to explore when you are waiting and walking around between sets! There are fun shops, the classic Ferris wheel, and there is the HonkyTonk Dance Hall where there are line dancing lessons! And of course, if you want to run around and take pictures there are plenty of places to do so (peep barn and hay below).


Surprisingly parking is FREE! Free you ask? Yup totally free every day and is so convenient. There is a police officer who drives around the perimeter as well so it feels safe and the parking space is not a far walk from the festival which is amazing! If you do not have a car or are drinking there are shuttle services which you can utilize.



Bring a bandana

Or get one of these cool Budweiser ones at the festival! It is not only super cute but actually so practical because inhaling dust is real here in the desert. Make sure to bring one of these or grab one, your nose and your throat will thank you!

Bring comfy shoes (boots)

I know you will want to bring your cutest boots or shoes but make sure they are comfy and broken in. You don’t want to be worrying about your feet, you will want to be singing (in my case screaming) along to your favorite songs!


Bring a lawn chair or blanket

This one is not essential but will make your experience more comfortable! Even a blanket is nice to have when singers are between sets and you want to sit down. We actually just sat on the dead scratchy grass but next time we will bring a blanket and be lazy and lay around as we wait for the next singer.

Sunscreen is key

The days are long and it is nice and warm so make sure to bring this so you don’t look like a lobster by day 3. 

Save up for next year!

This was one of my favorite experiences in college. Watching the desert sun set behind the palm trees and feeling the cool wind hit while being surrounded by amazing music and amazing friends was incredible. Needless to say, you will find this girl at Stagecoach 2019! Hope to see everyone there!


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