Disneyland Tips ✨

I don’t think I will ever be too old to go to Disneyland. It really is the happiest place on earth regardless of the high priced tickets, crying babies, and the crowds of people. To me, these things are trivial and I still love the beautiful flowers that you see at the front gates, the smell of fresh hot churros, and the cheerful music playing throughout the park that seems to bring me right back to my childhood no matter how long I’ve been away.

In order to ensure that Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth, I’ve added a few tips that have helped me have a smooth and painless day at the park.

Wear comfortable shoes:

I know this one sounds like a no-brainer but I’ve definitely had friends who have made this mistake. When I say comfortable shoes I mean ones that you know for a fact are going to support you during your long days when you’re running from ride to ride or standing in line. My friend made the mistake of wearing some new shoes that were comfortable for a bit…but the long hours are truly the test of a shoe’s level of comfort. Unless you want to run around barefoot or buy some overpriced mickey mouse slippers, you’ll thank yourself for wearing those running shoes.


Fast Passes = Life

Fast passes allow you to wait a minimal amount of time before going on a ride. We just look for the Disney FASTPASS sign at the front of the ride, looked at the “return time” posted, and were able to ride all the rides that we wanted by getting these passes. This allowed us to spend the time in between grabbing food, exploring Disney…and of course taking pictures.


Disney Fooood

Make time to enjoy not only the rides but the whole park:

I made this mistake in the past, and though the rides are amazing, I was exhausted after running from park to park and from ride to ride. My most recent trip to Disney was so much more enjoyable for me because, though we rode all the rides we wanted thanks to strategic Fastpassing, some of the most fun I had was walking around with my friends, going into shops, people watching, and of course eating way too much Disney food.

Though some of it is expensive, there are a lot of hidden gems and the food is one of my favorite things about going to the park (even though you can bring food into Disneyland if you want to save some $). Pro tip: the carrot cake churro with cream cheese frosting was BOMBBB 10/10 would recommend. 🐷


Bring a small bag or fanny pack with essentials:

I brought a fanny pack because I’m just so stylish. Even though I looked like a grandmother, I was so happy to be walking around hands-free and not having to worry about a purse when I was on the rides. I put some small band-aids, gum, money, and sunglasses in my fanny pack and that was basically all I needed! I brought a refillable water bottle that I clipped onto my bag to kept hydrated throughout the day.

At the end of the day:

Disneyland is such a fun time and if you dress comfortably, use Fastpasses to avoid lines, spend some time relaxing, try the food, and spend time making memories with the ones you love, what else could a person ask for?


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